Our Expertise


We have great expertise in preventing, pursuing, defending and resolving conflicts. Our services include mediation, conciliation, domestic and international arbitration, corporate and commercial dispute resolution, etc.

Banking LAW

We provide analysis of the ramifications of banking laws to protect and advance the interests of both Indian and foreign banks including all matters relating to banking, including syndicated foreign currency loans, external commercial borrowings, etc.


Apart from excellence in cyber laws, we advise pertaining to challenges faced by international and domestic entities operating in information technology and outsourcing sector. Our expert team also defend and advise client in cyber laws.


We are highly concerned with environment and having expertise in environmental laws, we advise and act in proceedings/ litigation arising pertaining to various environmental laws, before the National Green Tribunal, High Courts and Supreme Court of India.


We provide with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, individuals and families undergoing with immigration process in India or abroad. We take pride in the quality of our work and our attention to detail.


Privatization in Insurance Sector has permitted foreign direct investment. We advise foreign as well as domestic clients on investments in the insurance industry and transactions relating thereto. We also deal with litigation in insurance laws in all courts.


We provide services in property laws as applicable to property development, sales, acquisition, lease in the commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural and residential markets in relation to due diligence, drafting and legal compliances.


Our experts team advice on complex and large transactions; negotiating mergers, demergers and acquisitions; reorganizations, consolidation, disinvestments and strategic alliances; corporate restructuring and realignment; joint ventures, liquidation, etc.


We handle a variety of litigations and disputes including civil, criminal, cyber, commercial, constitutional, direct and indirect taxation, real estate banking, insurance, personal laws and special laws. Our services include mediation, conciliation and arbitration.


We offer legal advice and services to mid-size and small corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, banking and financial institutions, governmental entities, and individuals on specific areas of corporate and commercial laws.


The Firm covers all aspects of employment, labour and industrial relations law for businesses and senior employees which includes conducting reviews and regular updates in the form of legal advice and audits of employee contracts, due diligence, etc.


We have great expertise in the area of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA), the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA), Benami Law, Black Money Law, Custom Law, Service Law, IBC, SARFAESI, Banking Law, etc.


We advise in all type of infrastructure project in development, privatization, disinvestments, project financing and acquisition of different types of infrastructure facilities, including power, oil and gas, telecom and petroleum industries.


We advise and assist clients in various matters in the area of intellectual properties such as copyright, trademark and patent which include drafting agreements and contracts for transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights, franchising, litigation, etc.

Taxation Law

We are versatile and experienced in advising clients on taxation and tax planning to individual, company, partnership or NGO (trust/ society/ section 8 companies). We handle variety of tax matter and help our clients in statutory compliances also.

Technology, Media & Telecom. (TMT)

We advise clients on laws relating to the print and electronic media including press, radio, television and the internet; creative industry including publishing, film, music and sports. We assist in relation to regulatory clearances, compliances, drafting, etc.